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Caring for each student’s learning is our No. 1 priority!

About Us

Set up in 2021, we are a Telford-based organisation founded by teaching qualified nurse, Aliya. Ever since day one, our director has only recruited the industry’s top talents as tutors, teaching assistants and support staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to put an end to the “postcode lottery effect” within education.

Our Mission 

To bring skill-focused courses to our local area and beyond, upskilling our people to improve their socio-economic status and health, thus supporting the end of educational inequalities.

We do this by focussing on the student’s welfare and academic needs by ensuring we employ highly skilled teachers/trainers who adhere to our company culture.

Our Culture

  • Caring for each student’s learning is our No. 1 priority.
  • We believe in making every educational contact count.
  • We believe in care, compassion, empathy, wellbeing and perseverance.
  • We believe in a people-focussed persona.
  • We believe in a safe and comfortable student journey.
  • We believe in a jargon-free learning experience.
  • We never rush; we believe in an in-depth knowledge delivery.
  • We believe we exist for our community, improving people’s lives.
  • We believe that at our core, every learner will be in line to advancing their socioeconomic status.


Qualified Teaching Nurse & Founder

About the Founder

Skills Tuition Centre is rooted in the founder’s passion for quality learning personalised to meet the needs of unique individuals. Growing up, Aliya struggled to excel academically in college due to poor learning. Despite her desire to thrive in her studies, a lack of educational background and downplaying of knowledge acquisition stood in her way.

As time went by, the situation soured, so much so that Aliya either had to manage two years’ workload within one or get expelled. This is when her family hired a tutor who proved to be a saving grace. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable but also the kind of mentor who cared for her student’s success. She empowered Aliya to retake a few GCSEs which ultimately led to her acing university with the highest scores among 250 other students. Today, Aliya is an entrepreneur, qualified teaching nurse, leader, and mentor with amazing experiences to share.

Skills Tuition Centre - Our Poem

As you are now ready to have your children,
Learn a skill while earning a most excellent grade.
Skills Tuition Centre is the place to come,
Where situational preparation is truly made.

It is where quality above quantity, 
Is always stressed.
As this high level of learning,
Leads to their happiness.

We are honest, transparent, and caring,
With skilled educators personalising your teaching.
With us, a qualified nurse shares real-life applications,
So, our educational skills are certainly far-reaching.

The only skills center in the UK,
That can stake that claim.
Your own or your child’s learning
Is our duty and not a game. 

Some of our teachings involve English and Mathematics,
And driving theory test preparation.
Offering courses for nurses, Makaton, and 11 Plus,
While continually surpassing expectations.

More courses are yet to come,
To our expanding curriculum.
As our education keeps evolving,
Thus making sure we are including everyone.

We upskill students,
Making their goals obtainable.
That is why we feel the Skills Tuition Centre,
Is the best learning environment that is sustainable!

Who We Are

We believe that the people of Telford should be able to live in a town but get the education facilities of a city. Aliya was born and bred in Telford, and Skills Tuition Centre was also launched here, so we will always have the needs of the local community at heart. We understand our community’s needs and values for high-quality education. Skills Tuition Centre has sophisticated assessments and provides interactive sessions designed to fill in learning gaps. Our goal is to upskill our students in a people-focussed way. Parents are also never asked to mark work in their free time. Students get no less than the full 60 minutes, and we believe in old school back to the whiteboard education with fully taught sessions. We also provide writing books and more at no extra cost. 

To us, learning is a never-ending process with no age limit attached to it. We believe it is essential to elevate confidence levels in individuals and make them better equipped to tackle challenges in social as well as career settings. Unfortunately, traditional schools can be rigid and exclusive which is why we're breaking down the barriers by enabling people to seek greater knowledge through our platform at Skills Tuition Centre in Telford.

Why Choose Us

As the UK’s no. 1 tuition center spearheaded by a nurse, Skills Tuition Centre Telford, strives to make an impact through education as that is our ultimate mission. Needless to say, we fully understand the difference between subpar and quality education. Our immersive approach to teaching sees children and adults build their own experiences through unheralded interaction, questioning, and tailored feedback. Instead of relying on rigid educational frameworks, Skills Tuition Centre nurtures its students through empathetic learning.

We’re the kind of people who care, always remain honest and exercise complete transparency. Moreover, we flaunt an extensive panel of qualified staff handpicked by the director. These people are excellent mentors and thoroughly trained to help students achieve their goals. Our company also leverages a hybrid homework and class participation methodology to reinforce taught skills. At the end of the day, people prefer us because we keep it simple so you don’t have to stress over the preliminaries of pursuing your educational goals. 

Rest assured, no matter which course you sign up for, there’s no need to worry about jargon as we ensure the learning process is as easy as possible. We stay true to our moral code and professional values while endlessly investing in our students’ bright futures. From the very beginning till years to come, we vouch to be people-driven rather than motivated by profit.

Professionals who care

Here at Skills Tuition Centre Telford, all tutors are coveted mentors. Our panel flaunts highly talented specialists who have gone on to make waves in their respective fields. Regardless, we train our tutors to ensure empathetic educational delivery that’s cognizant of emerging student needs. This is topped off by regular staff meetings where we discuss what needs to be improved and implement productive changes immediately.

How it all began

Aliya’s journey built the foundation for Skills Tuition Centre Telford. Her personal experiences taught her that there are countless adults, teens and children who need targeted help to expand upon their potential. Inspired by the relentless efforts of her tutor, a private learning platform was established to equip students with a plethora of life skills. That’s exactly why Skills Tuition Centre is the only private academy you need. We enable you to achieve great things through the power of knowledge!

Our current and future vision

Skills Tuition Centre is driven by a passion for sharing knowledge and upskilling intellects through immersive learning. Verily, we strive to provide better educational solutions to our valued clients. As our services continue to expand, we work hard to integrate more courses into the panel and build upon a highly diverse pool of skills in the future.