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Caring for each student’s learning is our No. 1 priority!

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Our process is simple, here is what we do

  •  The start of a successful journey- We answer your questions.

• Dates and Times of sessions- We will then discuss with you the dates and time available for your required subjects/sessions.
Enrolment- When you are ready to join us, complete and submit the form below.
You may want to text us on 07735176000 to let us know that you have submitted the enrolment form so we can look out for it (do include the student’s name(s) in the text).
• Registration- we start the registration process. Our system will send you a one-off registration fee of £10 per student registration. This will need to be paid to complete registration.
• Your convenience- You will get a login to our system which you can login through ‘my account’ on our website www.skillstuitioncentre.co.uk and click on ‘my account’. This will allow you to receive lesson reminders, session details for example.
• Starting tuition- Your tuition will be arranged, and an invoice will be sent to cover your 1st month of sessions.
**** That’s it! ****

Enrolment Form

Adult students to complete this form for themselves. Parents to complete this form on behalf of their child.