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Explore limitless opportunities
at Skills Tuition Centre! 

Skills Tuition Centre is your one-stop-shop for quality private education. We specialise in a multitude of programs for children, teens and adults.

Since 2021, our organisation continues to help its clients surpass their academic expectations in stride.

From watching parents beam with happiness when their kids achieve amazing scores to propelling adults further into their dream careers through learner-friendly courses, Skills Tuition Centre Telford does it all. Our goal is to promote higher literacy levels while ensuring individual educational needs aren't just met but exceeded.

We are the UK’s only skills centre spearheaded by a teaching qualified nurse.

We are people-focused, determined, and ethically motivated to accelerate our students’ academic success. Our goal is to introduce a well-perceived way of learning that boosts retention, encourages participation, and elevates your confidence.

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Our Advantage

All fundamental and advanced programmes at Skills Tuition Centre meet the National Curriculum. Our courses are built around the requirements of recognised educational bodies as well as evolving informational needs of the modern century. Whether you wish to enrol in face-to-face sessions or prefer the online module, we’ve got you covered.

Who says learning can’t be fun?

Conventional learning methods are often boring because they’re riddled with redundancies. However, our educational programmes are filled with fun activities that strike a balance between knowledge seeking and overall stimulation. Through visual integrations that add a hint of creativity to theoretical work, each course presents its own set of intriguing challenges.

What we offer

Skills Tuition Centre provides quality educational services to primary (enrolled in key stages 1 and 2) as well as secondary children (enrolled in key stages 3 and 4). Moreover, we also offer a diverse array of courses to help talented adults polish their skills. These sessions can be availed in group study, 1:1 (personalised private tuition), face-to-face, and online formats.

Additionally, our Primary and Secondary English and Maths study programmes offers:

COVID-19 Catch-Up Sessions

To counter the academic slump caused by COVID-19, our catch-up sessions have been designed to help children restart their progress. This immersive program emphasises common knowledge and learning principles lost due to the stress of the pandemic.

Booster sessions

Our goal is to ensure a productive learning space that supports skill achievements on top of integrating kids within the format of each tuition session. Hence, these booster sessions enhance children's skills well beyond the traditional KS1 and KS2 levels established by the government. Rather than following the same structure as school, we deploy a unique approach to immersive training likely to place students well above their peers.

Throughout the sessions, practical examples and written reinforcements are used to elevate students’ understanding of taught concepts. What truly sets our booster program apart is its solution-oriented strategy. We don't just teach kids how to get the right answer but also how to use it to make sense of the techniques used. Rest assured; ample attention is paid to each of our students at the Skills Tuition Centre in Telford.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) sessions

We will provide empathetic support to match the student’s learning skills and pace; this will be across a range of areas including reading, writing, number work or learning how to decode information into meaningful units of understanding. Also, there will be opportunities for practical sessions on social interaction and help with schoolwork.

People-centred intuitive learning at our tuition centre

Our attention to detail combined with a stellar student-centred approach has your best interest at heart. Everyone learns at their own pace and we respect the diversity within the intellectual capacity of different people. Verily, our packages have been carefully curated to suit individual needs. Rest assured; our staff stays far away from cookie-cutter strategies as our teaching skills are wholly personalised.

Our Procedure

Students are required to register for a course of their choice. Once the enquiry form is submitted, our representative will get back to you, talk about what you’re looking for and assign an available slot.

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