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Caring for each student’s learning is our No. 1 priority!

Terms and Conditions of Service

Skills Tuition Centre is delighted to provide
educational support to you or your child subject to you assenting to the
following terms and conditions: 

Health and Safety 

·       In the event of an emergency, medical services will be contacted. Next
of kin will be notified. Students with medical needs are required to bring
requisite emergency medical equipment to class, for example, an inhaler, EpiPen,

·       Students are required to bring in any aids that they utilise for
educational purposes, for example, glasses. Such aids will need to be declared
on the enrolment form. 

·       Covid restrictions, fire safety rules, and health and safety rules all
apply. Parents/guardians are to leave after child registration. For pick-up,
children will be sent outside the building once they recognise their
parent/guardian. Parents/guardians will not be allowed into the building.
Please do not stop tutors to ask about the child’s progress in these

·       For cases of extreme weather (severe
snow/earthquake/storms/floods/etc.), lessons may be cancelled without
replacement lessons or cover work. However, where possible, lessons will be
carried out using online technologies.



·       No disrespect is allowed towards any Skills Tuition Centre staff or
fellow students. 

·       General classroom rules apply, for example, putting one’s hand up to
speak and paying courtesy to others.

·       Hoodies over the head and chewing gum are not allowed in class.



·       The start and finish times of the sessions will be made clear and are to
be adhered to. Please note, that parents/carers who are over ten minutes late
collecting their child after class time finishes will be charged a supervision
fee of £5 per child for the first 15 minutes, then £1 per minute thereafter.

·       Booked online lessons are non-refundable.



·       Students will be required to bring a class bag to carry books, writing
books, stationary (pens and pencils, etc.), and a water bottle with enough
water for the session. 

·       Each lesson is an hour long unless stated otherwise.

·       Lessons are small group sessions.

·       A temporary class merge may occur during staff illness/holiday. 

·       Upon course completion, students will be automatically advanced to the
following course unless the centre receives notice from the family that they
wish tuition to be terminated. Therefore, families must understand and agree to
be charged the applicable cost of the latest course relevant to the subject.

·       Individual course terms and conditions may also be applicable.

·       These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

·       Mobile phones need to be set to silent/vibration at all times.